Karnataka Bulldozers vs Chennai Rhinos

CCL Group B Match 3rd T20, at Bengaluru Chinnaswamy Stadium, Starts at: 2:30 pm

Karnataka Bulldozers 211/ 6 (20 ov)

Chennai Rhinos 128/ 9 (19 ov)

Karnataka Bulldozers won by 83 runs

  • Batsmen Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
    Shaam 8 11 72.727

    Bowlers O M R W Econ
    Tarun Chandra 2 16
    Mahesh 3 1 18 3

    Both teams ends up the match ..KBD wins at huge margin of 84 Runs Superb innings by Rahul Dhruv and rajeev. Bowlers too Did their best..Hopefully karnataka bulldozers will win their next match on Kerala Strikers at Cochin on 31st Jan.. Will meet up again ..keep cheering..

    19.0-Bowled..Mahesh picks up three wickets..The best bowling so far from all seasons
    18.5-One more single at gully
    18.4- Sweep shot goes at single
    18.3- gully
    18.2- Single again.. Dhruv throws back at sudeep.
    18.1-Single for mahesh .91 from 11 balls

    18.0-DOT ball
    17.5-11 Runs till now from 5 balls and now he takes single
    17.4- And one more..this time its SIX..Ball turned over the sir and reaches Fence
    17.3-Kalaiyarasan send the ball straight to LONG OFF for FOUR
    17.2- Dot ball..Clouds turning dark,,Seems to Drizzle in an hour or so..Kalaiyarasan is on crease,must be thinking of to play cool
    17.1-104 required from 3overs.. Tarun chandra is bolwing at medium speed gives single at MiddON

    17.0- An other One DOT
    16.5-DOT ball again
    16.4- Four..sends it to the boundary..Kalaiyarasan at 25. Pradeep is on full energy..Bowling at speed
    16.3- DOT ball
    16.2-22 balls left and 109 required
    16.1-kaiyarasan at 20 of 14 balls.16 extras till now

    16.0- Full toss..ohhh trying to sweep that..Shaam makes it single
    15.5-Hits straight..single run
    15.4- Single at Deep point
    15.3-Good line and length ..DOT ball
    15.2-Single at Mid off
    15.1- Tarun Chandra bowling 16th over

    15.0- last ball of the over..and SIX !!!! kalaiyarasan hits it Long On
    14.5- Single at Mid off by shaam
    14.4- Two DOT balls in a row
    14.3- DOT ball
    14.2- Mahesh trying to keep the pace of the ball..Day light turning dark..Chill weather outside..KBD will have happy evening today
    14.1- Mahesh Bowls 15th over..ball at square leg..Takes Single

    14.0-DOT Ball
    13.5-aarya trying to hit the ball with forward legs.. And Sudeep this time dint miss it.>!! Stumps him ..Rhinos are 88/7..Do they bat till 20 overs ?? Even the Sun is going back home for the poor batting..
    13.4-Oh superb ball..Sudeep mis it for stumps.Aarya is safe at crease
    13.3-Dot ball gain
    13.2- Single again and overthrow but feilder is there
    13.1- arya and Kalaiyasaran on crease..Sunil bowling from right arm mid wicket. takes single

    13.0- Slow ball..and sudeep comes in for appeal..Howszzzattttt !!!!!!!!!!!
    12.5- Dot ball again..Are they really scared to hit it hard??
    12.4- YES..Mahesh Did bowl it right length..LBW appeal..Umpire raises his finger .Sharan back to pavillion. NO runs till now..Two wickets.Will he make it maiden wicket over
    12.3- One more DOT ball..Mahesh is bowling at right length
    12.2-Slow ball and No runs
    12.1- Mahesh , All rounder takes the ball in 13th over. probably  the right time to bowl..and YES wicket..Dhruv kneels and catches it. ashok gone for 13

    12 th over running. kalayarasan and ashok are on crease.. Sunil Rao is bolwing from right end. Brilliant feilding from Rajeev..Stops the ball from reaching boundary 11 runs from the over.

    11.0-DOT ball
    10.5-DOT ball
    10.4-Flicks..Takes single at square leg
    Ohhh Long wide goes to Four.
    10.3- Are these slow balls hitting chennai Rhinos ?? 67-5..half way gone..No hopes of winning
    10.2-Sweeps to short fine leg..Vishnu stays at crease
    10.1- prasanna bowls slow and vishnu takes single

    10.0-DOT ball
    9.5- Vishnu at 6 runs from 13 balls..Crucial time for chennai to make scores on board.DOT ball
    9.4-AShok at 6 runs from 7 balls on strike now. takes it to single in deep extra cover
    9.3-Sunil rao this time bowls yorker,..sudeep miss it and reaches boundary
    9.2- Single run
    9.1-DOT ball

    8.6- another slow ball..but this time he sends it boundary at gully
    8.5-DOT ball
    8.4-Slow Hands to prasanna
    8.3-Single Run.Prasanna a left hand bowler known as petrol prasanna in his film roles. First match in CCL..
    8.2-DOT ball
    8.1-Ashok tries to send it through gully but Feilder is in

    8.0-DOT ball. AShok should perform now!! Chennai needs 159 runs from 12 overs
    7.5-Ashok takes his new bat..What a line and length Sunil. DOT ball
    7.4-Bowled..Prithvi Out for 10..Spoorthi, ravivhandran,Rakshith Shetty  yells at the gallery..Seems to be very happy for sunils bowling..Hopefully KBD will have a winning bash tonight
    7.3-Single run through gully
    7.2-Fantastic..NO room to drive the ballVishnu just 3 in 8 balls
    7.1- Sunil Rao takes the charge..Seems to be little energy out. DOT ball

    7.0-DOT ball again..Just 2 runs from the over
    6.5-Cheers the crowd..NO runs again
    6.4- Huge Claps for JK for his fantasti bowling..NO runs
    6.3-Single Run..Do u think Chennai beats the target ?
    6.2-DOT ball
    6.1-JK takes the ball vishnu on strike. takes Single

    6.0-DOT ball
    5.5-Short ball and Prithvi just defends it
    5.4-Dhruv Full toss.Prithvi send it to Boundary  in deep point-
    5.3- Hits to Boundary at deep point and 4
    WIDE..Extras are adding up
    5.2-DOT ball
    5.1- Do u believe this?? Dhruv on fire..Bowled out shantanu

    5.0- Full toss again and 3runs in deep extra cover
    4.5-Full toss and a DOT ball
    4.4- JK bowls straight..and shantanu takes single
    4.3-DOT ball
    4.2-JK bowls and takes single

    4.1-Single run By vishnu

    4.0-DOT ball
    3.5- Traying to Take single...Ohhhh Vishnu says NO..Chance to Run out..reached safe crease
    3.4- Pressure build up for Rhinos Makes another DOT ball
    3.3- RAMANA is on strike. Pulls the bat and ball reaches safely to Vishwas hands. Out for 5
    WIDE extra to Chennai Rhinos

    3.2-Dhruv bowls superbly, straight to the hands of Rajeev..Vikranth to pavillion. ChennaiLost the good wicket.Pressure build sup as they dont have good batting line up
    3.1- Dhruv takes the ball.. Ramana On strike  Superb ball..Sudeep misses it again and RHINOS takes single run

    3.0-Single that Run Out..!!! what ta direct HIT to the wicket by pradeep..But the Ramana reaches safe
    2.5- single run to the Gully
    2.4-DOT ball
    2.3-Sudeep Mis the ball.. Takes two runs
    2.2-DOT ball
    2.1-JK takes the third over..Vikranth Hits it to SIX

    2nd Over For Chennai RHINOS was not So Big.. The stadium is alomst 3/4th Full . Estimateed around 25K people..Do Chennai Rhinos Strike the Target ?  8 Runs from Pradeep Over

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